Hekp whith rope physics

Hi… i am making a kind attack on titant 3d manuever gear but i fell lost in what to do whith the ropes… i mean what to do for when a part of it hit an object bends or when its shoot of the grapple shooter the rope start waving and vibrating.
i hope you you understand what i need jeje.

I’m actually working on a grapple system right now but I dont know how long its going to take. I’ll be posting it in the resources forum once its ready :).

Using my method, getting a rope to bend should be straight forward. You’d cast a ray up the rope to the tether point. If it hits and object, move the tether point to the hit point, then you’d just recalculate the angel and swing speed based on the new tether point. (that should all make sense if you look at the .blend!).

Battery, u are the one that is more colse to what i need. I download the file but i am lost in how to edit it. U can explain me?.. ofcourse for use it in a 3d ambient and not a plataform 2.5 d game… sorry my ignorance


No, I haven’t done any more work on it. I was just interested in seeing how feasible the idea was at the time. It would definitely need some improvement before it’s polished enough to use in a game.

Hi! I don’t know if that’s relevant, but Solarlune made intersting things with soft bodies pinning:

I’m not going to explain exactly what’s going on. There are people who have done much better explanations of pendulum physics than I can, google it. I found this a useful resource

But to make life a bit easier, I’ve separated out the main pendulum functions into an example .blend. There are 5 variations, one on each layer, (simple 2D pendulum, 2D pendulum in 3D space, 3D pendulum, collision detection and rope wrap). They’re all just copied and pasted from my game project and changed slightly to work outside of it. It should be fairly straightforward to mix and match the parts you want from each example and integrate it into your game.

Hope this helps!

thanks battery, u understood well what i needed jeje

and the code is flexible so when i add a variant like the gas impulse this can be really usefull… thnaks