Helical Gear

I know I know… You’re all so sick of hearing about gears and why they aren’t arraying correctly or anything…

And because of this I’d like you to please bare with me here, I’ve made my first loopable ‘tooth’ but it’s not arraying or ‘spinning’ correctly. What I mean is that my non toothed parts aren’t joining at the seams no matter what I do. Here’s a couple of screenshots to hopefully explain my problem:

I would be eternally grateful for a solution here :slight_smile:


why don’t u use the script to make gears!

might be faster !

can you upload the file

happy blendering

Here you go :slight_smile:

Helical-Gear.blend (422 KB)

I can’t find the script btw, I looked in all the user prefs > Add-Ons section.

This is where you find it and the settings to use. You can create all sorts of gears…

And here is one skewed…

Going into edit mode and bridging the inner edges together will make the gear complete with a finished hole.

need to activate the extra scripts !


Thank you for the help you two :slight_smile:
Going to make my life a lot easier now hahah

Cool, more toys to play with. Thanks for infor all.