Helicopter Landing on Helipad

A few days ago, a software company, that my Dad co-owns, wanted me to make an image of a helicopter landing on a helipad. This picture is going to be on a splash-screen for a program, an oil rig helicopter dispatcher, that is being developed.

I finally finished the render at 2k resolution at 2048 samples. (It’s not that high because it would take an entire day to render anything significantly higher)

What do y’all think?

Those 3 years of teaching myself Blender really paid off!

looks good. i like the angle of the light. it is on the point. i like the choppers blades too. but i am not sure if you want a photorealistic result. if so, there is some tweaking to do. the landing pad looks too new. some procedural clouds may give it an aged look. the chopper needs interior and more details and a little dirt too.