Helicopter Robinson R22


this is my attempt to model a Robinson R22 helicopter.

Very cool! Especially like the last image.

Incredible detail on the back! Is it likewise at the front, so i would love to see more details too.
Did you use normal maps for the rivets?

Love it looks great.


Great work on the tail-rotor man. Safety wire on the sight glass is a nice touch. Everything’s there. Nice job.

Would be a fun model to rig (pitch change mechanism).

Thanks all.

@ centauri : I used a bump map for most of the rivets (maybe 10 are “real”). I started to model them but it was to much poly consuming for not a real better result excepted in big close-up

@ fluxcaoacitance : I rigged it but in the easy way : the main rotor just controls the tail rotor but only blades and pieces that rotate around axe X follow.

Great job! Judging by the replies seems like not a lot of people watched the images at full resolution :wink:

Good modelling!

Incredible details…and the shading is looking sweet ! Definitly worth more replies.


Hmm, looks like you succeeded. Nice work.

I’d even say this should be the next featured row image (or at least I hope :)). Incredible detail and great materials!

Thanks all. I’m working on an animation which will include the helicopter :).