Inspired by Mike Mignola’s style.

Made with Blender 2.81 + post process on Photoshop.





Wow! Fantastic!!

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This is really awesome!

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Really well executed you are very talented!

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Thanks, guys!!

Love it, great work!

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So awesome!!! <3 Would love to see a step by step process on this one <3

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Thanks, Carina!
Glad you asked. I didn’t record the process, but I have saved many blender files, so I was able to gather some screenshots and share here. It was very good to keep trying the new sculpting features by Pablo Dobarro, specially the voxel remesher and the new “feeling” of the brushes with normal readius, etc.

Hope this helps. :smiley:


Thank you so much for the share!
Also it was nice of you to show the “brushes” that you used to Sculpt.

I have to try the new voxel remesher, seems better than Dyntopo :smiley:

Also, the sword has an emission material :stuck_out_tongue: ? Loved the look of it as well.

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This is gonna be featured i swear. Great

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nice!!! @Daniel_Aubert

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No worries.
The voxel remesher is much better to get a cleaner result and performance. But they are different tools. Dyntopo is still very good to start your model, without worrying about topology and detail, and specially when you will sculpt tentacles and stuff like that. But in order to finalize your sculpture with cleaner topology and also high poly count, voxel remesher is the best.

And yes the sword has an emissive material, added by texture painting.

Now we just need a working multiresolution modifier in order to achieve high detail level with Blender sculpting, :sweat_smile:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Thank you, Bart!! Always a pleasure!

very good work, but i think you should add some glare to the sword…

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nice image, Like hell-boy, Good job - -

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Super cool Style man! well done :slight_smile:

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