Hello Blender Nation

This moi introducing myself to forums.

I’m a blender noobster. I am hoping to get some quality guidance with ver 2.65. I have no education in software or computer modeling, but I intend to learn how to use blender. I hope y’all will be kind and answer my questions without giving me a lot of grief. I did learn how to paint aircraft with GIMP in the recent past, but it was very rudimentary.
I realize many of you have paid dollars for your education, worked hard to learn this stuff, and why should I expect you to give me knowledge for free. But I do wish your help, I need the help. I have no illusions. This will take time on my part and kindness on y’alls part.
My goal is a WW2 airplane game. Multiplayer. 70 to 90% realistic flight model. A game where you conquer territory with the use of air war. Where you have competing squads in a semi persistant universe. Where squads can paint their planes with their own squad colors and noseart, if they choose to. I want to provide a base model paint job on a variety of WW2 aircraft.
I have started my 1st model, but modeling is the easy part considering all that it takes to actually make a game. I think that flight games, at this point, are not as complicated as many other games. I say this because, lets face it, traveling in an airplane at high speed, there are many things you will not be doing as in a FPS. Simpler backgrounds and less environments to contend with.
ie blue skies with clouds, airfields and some smallish towns.
I have been using the Nieuport 11 tutorial and Création d’un Breguet 761 Deux ponts tutorial to familiarize myself with techniques and approach’s to modeling the planes. I have read a chunk, but not all of Blender 3D:noob to Pro, will read more. I also understand that I will have to have creative partners, 1 cannot do this alone. But I want to get some things togather so that you pro’s will take me seriously and actually get a working flight game togather, that peeps will want to play.
I played Fighter Ace for 10 years and then played Aces High when FA shut down. Both games had/have their strong points. Its this basic style of game play I want. Whereas games like IL-2, World of Planes are great looking. Its not what I want. Its about flight for me, not characters and and fluff. Not playing against the game, but playing against other peeps in a real time way, aerial combat.FA and AH are also relatively old games, I want to employ the latest techniques, hardware demands and innovations that have come about since those games were written.
This stuff is a little tough for me cuz my brain does not work in the way the tutorials are written and I just have no real background. But I have many years with hands on skills building things, I do have college degrees and I have patience. I will learn. I just do not want to spend 2 years or more before I can get started, I’m already old. :rolleyes:
I have some grayscale jpegs; blueprints of the Messerschmitt Bf 109E already loaded into Blender, ortho views, and I am currently trying to get them associated properly so I can begin the 3D modeling.
The above tutorials I mentioned are for previous versions of Blender, are there any 2.65 tutorials for airplane modeling available?
1st goal is to just get 2 planes flying/fighting in a blue sky environment. I will use Blender to make the models and Unity 3D to do other things.
So enough yap from me and TY in advance. I will remember those that help me and pay for the software when I can get to a point where things actually begin to happen. Cannot spend a couple of grand until I know I have something thats possible.
Hints and suggestions, links greatly appreciated.

I would just send the couple of grand right away. You’ll get more tutorials that way.

Here you have the book you are asking for:

(At this moment about 1000 pages describing how to recreate a WW II fighter airplane - on the example of the P-40B). When it comes to material and textures, it uses Cycles, because it is intended for a “pure” recreation of a real airplane. However, the key elements - UV mapping, textures are always the same, or very similar. Anyway, on this site you will find some free models of WW II fighters. (Although the materials of the La-5 model requires serious simplification). Feel free to ask me on this forum (in a threads or PM) when you will stuck with something difficult.