Hello BlenderArtists!!

Hello, I am new here to blender artists. I know very little about how to work blender and hope that you all can teach me what I need to know. I plan to make a video game with blender. I would love to make some good blender friends here on the site and hope to become just has good has all of you!^.^
I would love to have someone that could mentor me through a PM because I like hands on training rather than video training. So if any experienced blender game maker would like to teach me how to start my own game I would be most grateful!
I do hope we can all get along!

Video tuts are the best online way to learn something… :wink: (except real person-to-person teching ;))
There are a lot of tuts and so on on the web…
I recommend you those webs:
Blender - News, tuts blender.org - Home BlenderNation | Fresh Blender News, Every Day Blender Artists Community GraphicAll.org Blender Guru Blender Nerd | Blending is what we do BlenderDiplom - Blender Tutorials and Training Blender Cookie Raff’s YouTube Videos Forever Blender! Fresh and Updated Blender Tutorials! Blender Tutorials | 2.0 www.blendtuts.com Metalix Web and Design FREE Video Tutorials

nice list, then I’ll just add the biggest wisdom of all concerning CG-Artists: If you think you know all , then you’re just in over your head :smiley:
A lot of people start to think that after 2 or 3 years they know it all, they start slacking, and don’t pay attention for advice from anyone. Make sure you remember this old wisdom passed down through generations of 3D artists : You never stop learning. If anything , at the moment you feel like you’ve grasped it all, you should be able to notice so much more than before, like the nuances of topology, which you can really only appreciate after becoming a pro.
Other than that I don’t think anything needs to be added. Happy to see you on board :slight_smile:

Thank you both for the great knowledge!! I am off to learn blender!! I hope to get going sometime soon!

and one more advice… NEVER give up trying and practising though it might be hopless sometimes… believe me, the result is worth everything! if you nedd anything, ask here or write me