Hello everyone!

This character is basically my 'Blender school." I set out to learn how to use Blender, from modeling to rigging to texturing, and hopefully soon I will learn how to animate, composite, and light/render. Yeah he is not perfect, but I did learn a lot!


heh. He’s not perfect, but he is funny.so actually, not bad at all!

perfection is a relative thing, you have a cool toon style quiet a funny cool character.
great work.

but I did learn a lot!

That’s the point. And the image seems to paint it properly, i think :wink:
Good work, dude.

Thanks for the responses, and for looking!

That is probably the best way to learn Blender, and you’re definitely doing great for your first time!

Of course, you’re not finished until you make a short animation with him…

Simple but effective, very good stylistic modeling, I like it!