Hello evr´y body

Just wanted to get into a forum in wich Blender is the main theme.
And try lo learn more.
Greetings from Spain.

Welcome to the forums, hope your stay here is excellent.


Hola! Buenas Suertes con Blender. (and that is about all the Spanish I can muster. Lo siento.)

Thanks for the welcome.
I´m not a professional,just use Blender at home.
But I love the 3d stuff.
See u.

The initial poster use proper grammatical structure, punctuation, and avoided any and all references to conspiracy theories.

Is this sort of post allowed in Off-Topic?

…joking of course…

Welcome to the boards. And to Blender.

Ola dude! (add more to get the min 10 characters)

hi ;););););):wink:

Welcome and I look forward to seeing your art. :wink: :smiley: :eyebrowlift: :yes: :cool: :slight_smile: