Hello fellow blenders!!!

Hello fellow blenders! How was your day? I would love to know! If theres anything you need just ask me and ill do the best I can! Have fun creating,

JollyGreenGiant :smiley:

I hate frozen green beans!

Im sorry :frowning: me to :confused:

Hmmm, who is the creator of this site?

Nobody knows. Why do you ask?

Its the CIA, they are data mining your thoughts right now :stuck_out_tongue:

oH NO! hacks!


We Burke is the current admin. Roel Spruel, the original founder, recently passed ownership to the site to Wes and the BlenderCookie guys.

My day is just fine so far, thanks for asking.

I also prefer my green beans fresh, but the Jolly Green Giant is a rock star. He stands in farm fields, terrorizing the “little people” as he calls them, forcing them to do his bidding. Notice how he glows with power.

How is your son, sprout?

Oh 3dmedieval…You are just hilarious ^^ where did you ever get that picture of me from though is what I was wondering…I was on vacation in the south…thought it would be fun…heh…

Son sprout = Great, he already owns 3 slave houses already =D

Picture: “Jolly Green Giant” in the Google search bar.

Wow, you would google my name :stuck_out_tongue:

Your not cool enough to have a picture of yourself :smiley:

I searched your name 3Dmedieval.

VEDI! (You see, in Italian)

My day was fantastic! I slept for 3 hours at work today, and drew an A4 drawing based on Robert Tiess’ work “Waiting for May”.

Nice! I am slightly better looking…but only slightly.

ouch…Well, atleast im still very taller than you ya’ little midget =D

Why, hello John. I think I’ll just comment on your post for no apparent reason… like Facebook!

How was your day Ian? NOW 3D knows my name -__-

hi , my day was not so good and ah…
I need some money … :wink:

and find the place were I’ve hidden my ideas :(:(:(:frowning:

True indeed! Coz we dont have low poly body or low resolution skin texture in real world. :wink:

My day (yesterday) was fine, I thank god for that. :slight_smile:

I should say at this point that the character above has nothing to do with me. Wefyb was just kidding - it’s not even a caricature.

Lol, Thats nice everyone. Sorry andrelo :confused: my dads the same to. Today, was pretty good. Cat in the cradle-Harry Chapin, good song :slight_smile: Almost finished the inside interior of a house for the zombie game, Thanks m91!! Things are going good so far! Good luck fellow blenders and good night!


P.S. You know its you 3d you know it is… >=D