Hello I am new can anybody give me ideas on what I should make in blender

Help me I have no ideas left in my head

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Bouncing ball. You can never go wrong with the basics. Also I strongly suggest to just mess around with blender for a while to just learn the tools. Following tutorials on YouTube is also great when you have no idea what to make. :blush::grin:

ok @Kaylee_J

Pick a subject you are interested in…or a general subject IE: Cars etc… and head to some of the Image CC0 sites such as Pixabay and browse their archive…scan the new additions and then focus on your subject find an image you like and start to Blender it, as you do so, you will more than likely, find you need information on how to do something and need to search that on here or on Youtube, etc…that will open up suggestions on the sidebar to explore, as well as new tutorials to view. Keep a Favorites list for your Browser, in a new folder called Blender Ideas, and sub-categories like Cars/Planes/ArchVis/Details/Greebles, etc etc…next time you find yourself devoid of ideas…look in you Ideas folder! Keep adding and Building this Library…But don’t !! Find yourself watching Youtube all day and not Blending! I have found myself falling into that trap on more than one occasion :wink:
Happy Blending :laughing:

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