Hello - I have some ideas, for Public Domain art

So, I think it sucks so many creative works are copyrighted, that other people can’t just make a Jedi Knight, or a Batman game, as they want . . So, I invented some heroes, and wanted to make them public domain, so everybody can use them, in any media, they want, forever, so there are always those heroes, no matter what . . .

Here are the first two, Miss Epic + Miss Wonderful . .

Also, an idea for a new Star Wars type game, mixed with Starcraft, where the ’ force ’ is called the ’ Principle ', or the ’ paradigm ', a mysterious energy that permeates all living things and, beings, and serve them, uplift them, save them . .

The best things should be free, then the others can fight over the money, I think . . :smiley: :smiley:

These universes are hereby made, under this license . .

I’ll explain more, if you like, about the universes, I basically looked at Star Wars, and Starcraft, and improved them, in every way, and also looked at the superhero-genre, and made that better, for all time . . . So, if you want a non-licensed super-hero, you got it <3

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It’s just a place-holder face, for the costume, it’s the costume, I know it’s not mine, I’ll make the face later, or some-one else could do, under Public domain, so you never have to worry about having to need a hero, for some creative project . . I optimized the DC heroes, and Marvel, and made some stronger, I have a ton of other ideas, don’t need them, now the heroes work for the public, not a company, for better or, worse . . <3

I strongly believe that companies should indeed run things, but creatively it becomes a problem, when everything is taken, so these few heroes are free, for-ever :smiley:

The idea was, if Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman ever became immoral, these guys could be made into cartoons, comics, games, and step up, based on public desires and, choices, ideals . .

I believe in the public, the people 100 % <3

In theory your idea is cool – in reality you are just stealing copyrighted images and slapping really cheesy text on it.

edit: the photos have been removed

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Here’s the 3D model, so far, I’m working on it, need someone to make the face, not good at that stuff, I’ll do it later, don’t worry, it’s all good . . .

So, if you want to make a story, or a game about a favorite hero, you got it, no strings tied . . :slight_smile:

Model is 6800 polys, not too much, most games use 10.000 - 12.000 for main characters . . :slight_smile:

Copyright is good for a lot of things, but I think a few heroes should be free, for the public to enjoy, use . . <3

As a humble request, I ask that anybody who uses them donates a little money to Godot, or Blender, or both, and that any stories are made using those programs, that’s all, to it . . . Also, they could well be used to make media, for purpose of raising money for a good cause, but it’s very optional,that would make me happy, that’s all . . :slight_smile: :smiley:

Also, here are my Public domain versions of a demon, and an angel, I think there should be some free things, if people need them, though most things, should be privately owned, there just needs to be a little opening, as well, for the world, people, that live in it . .
Angel design . .

Demon design . .

I just want to make sure, that if some kid somewhere wants to make something, it’s not all copyrighted, that’s all . . :frowning:

It’s to make certain one day not everything is just copyrighted, and being creative is very restricted, so there’s just a few things, everything else has been done, by others . . It won’t hurt the companies, if they’re good, do well . . .

I need you to delete these photographs if you do not own the rights to them.


Okay, they were just place-holder faces, I downloaded online, to test the costume, the colors . . I want to make a public domain franchise, that everyone can contribute to, as they please . . The companies will still make the epic stuff, but then everybody has a hero, if they need or, want to tell a story, about them, that’s all . . .

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The general idea is, in Hell people are punished for what they did, their active sins, by demons, it’s burning, full of lava, in purgatory they are punished for what they didn’t do, what they omitted, by choice . . So, there the fallen demons look like stone statues, in between angels, and demons, and they punish in an icy realm, those who did not, when it was good, to do . . The angels are in Heaven, anyway these are just early ideas, and I’ve made something better, with armor, for a bigger, better project, so I thought they would be nice to give away, so people could always make an angel, no charge, since Heaven is free, for all . .

We need a few free things, in case everything gets copyrighted, Blender is free, as well, so it seems fitting, to start here, but I would like feedback, if it’s a bad idea, that’s all . . . What could it hurt, I feel generous, about life . . .

I was inspired by Blender being free, and Godot, that’s all . . . :frowning:

I’m gonna find a public domain website, I don’t want to offend anybody, with it . . :frowning: