Hello Peeps :-)

I thought it would be good if I took some time to introduce myself.

My real name is andy and my username here, synkrotron, refers to my music related project and is how I register on any forum.

I joined up at blenderartists.org in order to increase my Blender knowledge and hopefully produce better animated 3D graphic art to accompany my music videos on YouTube.

I much prefer to upload moving images to YouTube as opposed to still images.

Up until picking up Blender, about four weeks ago, I would create flame fractal animations using Chaotica, which I really like and will probably continue to use in the future.

I had tried to get my head around Blender some time ago and to be honest I struggled to even get started. So I dropped it back then and my interest was only piqued once more because another music creator said he had used Blender on one of his recent YouTube uploads.

So, four weeks in, and I’m still at it. I can only assume that the current release is so much more intuitive now, and there are so many great tutorials on YouTube that I have got so much further than before.

Still baby steps and I find I’m jumping from one tutorial to another trying different things out sometimes scratching my head and at other times making reasonable progress.

I am not totally new to 3D work. I am a mechanical piping designer in my day job and that went into the 3D world back in early 1995. Software used over the years has been AutoCAD and a couple of “bolt on” packages that specialise in piping systems and process equipment.

Then at the turn of the millennium I was asked if I could create a 3D model of a Lucite production line as a training aid for one of our regular clients. I modelled all the equipment in AutoCAD and then imported everything into 3D Studio MAX so that I could animate all the various parts of the machinery. Nothing overly complex, but it was the first time that I had ever come across IK.

We also used 3DS MAX to create walkthrough videos of projects. Eventually we dropped 3DS MAX for a package called Navisworks which was developed specifically for our line of work, and could do walkthoughs.

So, there we have it, I think :slight_smile:

I will have a look around the place and shortly I will probably post, in the appropriate place, some questions about animating stuff in Blender.




Hi @synkrotron, welcome to blenderartists and to the Blender community in general. Hope you enjoy your journey of learning. Blender and it’s surrounding ecosystem has so much to offer. You can always learn something new no matter what level one is. I’m still a newbie myself and having fun. Happy Blending.

Cheers and stay safe!


Welcome synkrotron,

and thanks for mentionning Chaotica, i used apophysis in the past, and i missed it. Chaotica works on MacOS, Windows, Linux, and is free for personnal use, perfect !

If you want to still be hunted by pipes in Blender enable the Extra Object Addons and Shift A / Mesh / Pipe Joints.

Have a nice experience in Blender pool :vulcan_salute:t2:

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Hi @pxlpaul :slight_smile:

Thank you for the welcome :+1:


Hi @Voppag :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome, and apologies for the late reply. It appears that new users can only make ten posts on their first day and I quickly used those up.

Do you use Chaotica then?

I tried Apophysis for a time, and then JWildfire, but I much prefer to use Chaotica, especially for animation stuff.



I downloaded it yesterday and had a little problem with missing library , i did not spent time on it yet.
I just played a bit with apophisys, and is flame a sort of library ? i think i tried this too, but just a few experiments on both, years ago.

Chaotica looks really ahead, but i want to sleep tonight so it will wait a bit :sunglasses:

About new members limitations, there is also one about posting pics, if you plan to share your work, post a few pics ahead, after a few uploaded images it’s ok. (Maybe a fractal pic here :wink: )

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Good idea :grinning: :+1:

If you ever need any help with Chaotica drop me a PM.

Let’s try posting a fractal image:-

I think that worked, but I may opt to use image tags instead of taking up blenderartists webspace.

In fact I could just link directly to my much underused deviant art page…




that image was larger than I thought but it seemed to upload okay… I will check into image upload limitations for any future stuff

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Thanks for your image.it is pretty good to look.keep it up

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Thanks for sharing Synkrotron

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Nice work! Keep up the good work, buddy!

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