Hello people, this is as interesting as the humankind existence

hi people! this is a nice documentary subtitled in spanish where explains how really do the united states’s corporations behave on the international world, and how our banking system works


I hope you all can see it, it’s very interesting


Omg this gets sooo boring. I’ve noticed that stupid people feel smart after watching zeitgeist. Like a deep ancient knowledge have rooted their small brains.

try to see it, then i can take your opinion as valid/invalid

I’m not going to watch teh video with Spanish subtitles (I hate those things, even if they’re written in my native language).

What kind of discussion would you like to start with this topic?

i would like to see if people do really understands the magnitude of the strength that the corporations have over our existence, those are the major controller right now, nothing of politics can even try to think about control them because the can send any number of hit man and controls all politics by corrupting them all

look at this, thats the scandal about the “medicine” created by bayer with aids

i guess you have reason! but it might be true!
why shouldn’t consider it?

This thread can only get worse. That’s why I’m closing it.