Hello there, just new, just checking it out.

:spin:Here is my first animation created with blender. I had a great deal of problems with bones and all that so i opted to not use the armature system but relied on parenting objects and key-framing them. It is a rather plain looking short inspired by the music of Adrian Von Zeigler. I just wanted to know what you thought of it. I have gotten much better, and this was a first attempt which was a learning experience mostly on the editing side of the blender software. My computer is close to lowest specs required for blender and I have tested the limits often crashing before a save :(. Anyway here is my old one, I’ll see how it posts before I upload a better one to you-tube and post place it here.

Here is a more recent render attempt from this spring.

It has a nice feel to it, I like it. Well done.

Thank you. Kind of a storyboard for an idea rather than a finished project. When I purchase a larger computer I will do a more detailed version with plenty of tree roots on the creature and more hanging stuff. And place some better background.