hello to all 3d creators! i have a few questions

good thing i found this place! i really like blender, and i need help using it!

well, here are a few questions:
1)i created a movie with 325 frames but it moves only until frame number 250
2)how do i watch my project from the view of the camera, with all the halo’s and lighting and stuff?
3)do you have any suggestions on how to animate a lightning/electricity?

  1. set the number of frames in F10
  2. again in F10 press “Anim” to render it (or use the arrow keys to move ahead in frames to preview the render and hit F12 or the render button)
  3. search here for “Lightning”; this has been answered numerous times.


thanks, but where is “here”?
and another question…is there such an option as “mirror duplicating”? for example, if i created a left arm, can i create a right arm out of it?

Here is the forum.
And yes, there is a way of mirror duplicating armatures… check out the Docs.

and that is where?

usually you’d do:

make sure either the 3d cursor is on the plane you want to mirror across, or the center of the object is. if you choose the 3d cursor you need to make the rotation/scaling point the 3d cursor in the 3d window header or by pressing the period key.

alt+d duplicate your arm, don’t move it [just confirm or escape the grab mode]

mirror it: control+m

“search” button is in the top right corner under the support button, on this page

thanks to all.
iim pretty much a noob so i need to ask a lot of little questions and discuss blender in general, so it would be really nice if someone would leave his icq number or msn adress so i could contact people who know how to use blender…

Also, buy the 2.3 manual or dowload the documentation and look through it.

http://download.blender.org/documentation/ (for the one that matches the printed book)
http://www.blender.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=documentation&file=index (for the absolute latest documentation)