Hello to everyone..& I have a question. = )

(Code1001) #1

:smiley: Just to say Hi to everyone & hope to see you all around on a regular basis : )

I just got Blender & I have to say I,m impressed,so far.
But I got one question I do,nt seem to be able to save the Image…

I go to save Image etc …choose directory but nothing is ever saved …Saving the actual .blend files works fine but I would like to work on some of the things I do in Photoshop aswell.
Any tips most welcome…

; )

(JarellSmith) #2

Well you need to do a render first [F12] or press the big render button in the Display buttons window [F10] (or press the little icon with a landscape/purple sky image on it to open this window).

Then press F3, which will bring up a ‘save image’ window, with the image type that you’ve specifed in the Display Buttons window, ie .jpg or .tga

Then type the file name, including the extension in the second box from the top and press Enter TWICE. -done

Just ask if you need any more help, and welcome aboard.

(Code1001) #3

Big thnx Jarell :wink:

Sounds about right…will try it out soon.

:slight_smile: :wink: