Felt like making a new wallpaper…
Any crits?


Well if you’re looking for crits to improve your project I don’t see why you’d post it in the finished projects forum.

Anyways, to start off with the metal is leaf-thin, if I was you I would’ve made it thicker, not much, but a bit.

  1. metal to thin(already stated above i see)
  2. DOF is no blurry enough. you can see pixelation
    3.where the can comes together is way to far apart…most cans are joined together by a weld or something like that…pretty much the only thing you should see is a slight seam. the reason i think this is important…is because if you were to use it as one of those “string telephones” the can needs to be pretty solid/stable to effectivly get the sound to travel into it.

I know about the “pixelation”, but how can you make it more blurry?

increase the AA samples if your in Yafray, helped my DoF blur.