Hello everyone. I am new to Blenderartists. It is a pleasure to introduce myself to all of you. Some of you may already know me as Faded Tiger on Google+. I picked up Blender at first because I had seen that it was a 3d graphical modeling program. It was only after that that I realized it has a built in game engine that you can work with as well. Since discovering this, I have practiced my modeling and texturing. Even though I am still not all that good, I would love the opportunity to work with some of you on possibly making a game project or some animations. I look forward to contact with you all. ^.^

Hi @Sagirou… I’m fairly new to Blender as well, but at this point I’m getting to know how to use a lot of its features, and I think it would be great to work with others on a project or even just helping each other. I have a game I’ve already started that I wouldn’t mind sharing the work on, but I’m also willing to start something new. My main goal however isn’t to produce the next super-cool game with all the best graphics and special effects, but just to create something that’s within my abilities (and my computer’s resources!) and that allows me to continue developing my skills.

Just look through the team project subforum.

Sounds good. I have not really started making any full projects myself. I do have some small game ideas though, and, I wouldn’t mind sharing the load in making something small and fun.

Thank you for the lead. I will be sure to look into that as well.