hell's sword

today i finished this sword . your opinions are welcome


thats pretty sweet looking i love the shape of the blade

I think it needs some shadows, nice soft ones (buffer shadow samples->16, soft ->5 or 6). That would immediately lift the image. The modelling looks fine.

Keep going…

Oh, and welcome to elysiun :wink:


I agree, it needs tonal variations. Also, using a single color theme, could definitely add it up. The modelling looks nice indeed.

shape of the sword is awful - first of all - you should make the blade longer - about 1,5-2 times long. It also needs a chamfer. If it is a hell sword some devilish ornament will make it looks better

I think it looks pretty cool, probably could go a bit longer, depends on what kind it is. It needs mor of an edge, if ya know what I mean.
Great work, keep blending.

Well if you’re going for accuracy, that’s not at all what hell’s sword looks like. 8) It’s actually pink with fairy wing engravings. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to shabby. Most of what needs to be said has been said. I’d just like to see a nicely textured scene for it.

thanks for the advices . it is actualy one of my knives that i have in my room , i am collecting knives.