help a noob out

ok everyone i cant figure out how to use the colliosion sensor in GE! i set up my fighter with cubes on his fists that follow his punches, so then i gave them both a property and name it “hit”, so then i set up my second player with different spots on his body for hit detection. I assigned a collision actuator to all the spotsa to activatethe correspsonding hit animation, but every time i test it the character being hit just stands there. what am i doing wrong!

check the bounding area, it looks like a 2d circle, is actualy still atached to the cube.

if it seperates, recenter you object on the mesh tools menue

There’s currently a bug that prevents two non-Dynamic objects from having their collisions registered. But if that’s not it, it may also be an armature deformation problem (I won’t know for sure without more information or a .blend).