Help a puzzled Noob..

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to look help me out. I’m currently working on a character and everything was going fine up until I got to a certain point where one of the main objects disappears when I try to render it. It’s basically the body and 2 eyes. The body disappears while just the eyes render. I tried everything and it still disappears. I checked the layers, the lighting, and the materials but still… Please help. I would be happy to provide the file if anybody want to take a crack at it. I’m using the newest version of blender.

@noob try the fallowing suggestions

  1. go to outliner --> check the little camera icon maybe you restricted renderability of object
    2)go to properties -->render–> check if layer in which object exists is checked( this are different from layers in the 3d viewport).
    3)if the above have not help try moving object to another layer or add a cube and join object to cube.
    Hope you problem gets resolved.