Help aligning polyhedron


I’ve got an icosahedron (icosphere with 1 subdivisions) and I need to render it being aligned like the following one:

I tried to rotate it pressing ctrl and then align the camera to the view but I can’t get a “perfectly” aligned figure like the image.

Any advice? Thanks in advance.

If you add such an icosphere in the top view (7), it’ll look like that in the side view (3), I’ve found. Actually, side view and then pressing 2 looks rather a lot like it (if you keep Blender in orthographic mode).

Hi, Zwebbie. I actually created my figure in the top view while in ortographic mode, and you’re right, side view looks a lot like I need. The problem comes when I align the camera to the view (ctrl + alt + 0) because something changes and the rendered image looks not the same as (3) view… it’s tilted to the right side . Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Have you set the camera to Orthographic ?


Ctrl Alt 0 will only give the view from the camera location and roattion

if you want a view then you have i think Ctlr-V to get camera as per view

hope it helps

Quick solution - move Camera ( G-key ) with SnapTool enabled - ‘snap to face’ and ‘align rotation with target’ options ON. Then rotate around Camera local Z axis ( RZZ ) to align Camera to bottom edge of icosa face and move along local X & Y axes to fit Camera view.
Longer & perfect Camera aligning.
Idea is simple - align view to extra quad face then add camera aligned to view.
First - delete default Camera object.
Add icosa as you described , find face parallel to one of X/Y axis ( Y for me ), select it , duplicate it ( Shift-D ) , hide everything else ( Shift-H ) :

Snap 3d Cursor to face ( Shift-S>CursorToSelection ) , delete side edges of triangle but let upper vertex to stay for snap to.Enable SnapTool ( to vertex ), Extrude bottom edge ( EZ ) with Ctrl to snap to free vertex. Move new edge ( GX ) with Ctrl to snap to free vertex.Delete free vertex and select new quad face :

Hit ’ * ’ on Numpad or use Shift-V(top) menu to aling view to face then Numpad 5 to go Ortho view.Make sure you have AlignedToView option ON ( UserPreferences>EdtiMethods ). Add Camera which is aligned to face.Now you can delete additional quad face and unhide all( Alt-H ):

Select Local orientation ( Alt-Space or toolbar menu ). Rotate Camera around local Z axis ( RZZ ) 90 degree and move it a bit backward along local Z axis ( GZZ ).

As was mentioned use orthographic camera.
Cheers :slight_smile: