help- animations from other project overlapping in render

hey there,
so i have a problem and i dont know what i did.
when i render out animations in blender and play them back, at the end a smaller window appears in the bottom corner of the render window and plays an animation i rendered out in a totally different project.
what should i do to stop it?
blender 2.4 on mac g4 osX 10.3…

This is occuring because you are using the same temp dir to store all of you anim frames. When Blender plays back an anim t goes to that directory and grab ALL sequentialframes and plays them back so if a longer scene was previously rendered with ANIM button it will also play those frames. One solution is to clean that temp directory after a scenes completed and saved.

thanks! i figured it was something that could be fixed pretty easily. glad it was…

I’ve known this was the case for a while, but I cannot find the temp dir. I’m just not sure where to look besides Blender in Program Files…HELP.

Just search for files with the extension you rendered to, like .avi.


Holy Crap! I can’t believe I missed that. Thanks, Fligh%