Help attaching a mesh to another mesh

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with attaching a foot to the leg of my model.

The problem I’m having specifically is that the leg of my model protrudes out of the main body at a unusual angle that’s making it difficult for me to attach the foot.

Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!

model_help.blend (574.8 KB)

Attached as the same element? or just visually? Matching the foot angle? or rotated to step upon the ground?

easiest visual attachment. Just move (g) and rotate (r)

Second easiest, assuming you want the bottom of the foot on the ground. The topology matches, so just move it close, select the foot, then the body, then press ctrl+J then select the edge loops and use the bridge function.

as this is lightly terrifying proportionally, one may choose to remove some of the edge loops, and bring the foot in closer like so.

or with more edge loops on the leg removed, and scaled up/moved to match back legs more.

Let me know if you need a more in depth explanation.


couldnt help myself, hope you dont mind.


Oh what a nice… IEEKSKS what’s that… ??


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Okay, so trying to attach the foot isn’t working, so instead I’ve been trying to model the foot from the leg to resemble the separate foot mesh.

As part of the modelling process I need convert the front of the area into a circle and squish it along the Z-axis.

I’ve managed to do circle part but when it comes to trying to scaling along the axis, I’m having a problem where the axis orientation changes when I select the necessary vertices, preventing me from being able to scale along the proper axis.

I’ve managed to accomplish in the past somehow but since its been a while, I don’t remember what to do.

Can anyone please help me remember what to do about this situation?

snap settings.

use local axis to move shoe

You might try making a temporary face, turning on snapping with these settings.

Then move the shoe to the foot it should orient itself correctly.

use local axis to move shoe
Then delete the temp face and stitch verts or use bridge if you have the same number of verts in yr loops.

Hope that helps.