[Help] Blender uses 100% CPU instead of GPU when rendering but Viewpoint uses GPU..so confused

Hi , I am new to Blender, it’s a great software after all.

I have no idea why Blender keeps using CPU instead of GPU when rendering.
However in Viewpoint Rendered model, it back to normal - Using GPU not CPU.

Here are my screenshots of both, sorry for the Chinese interface of task managements. but I think it’s not big issue.

( you can see the CPU keeps 98-100% :point_up_2:t2:)

(while in Viewpoint rendered view, it looks normal and “correct” :point_up_2:t2: )

Any ideas or settings I did wrong or missed? please advise . Thanks in advance! Sorry for my english.

i7 9900KF / RTX 3080 Ti / Win 10 / Blender 3.0.1

BTW* a quick question that somehow Blender seems never saves / remember the “render panel” settings especially – Every time I open a new file, it back to “eevee” render selected. is it ok?

well, I figured it out. :smiley:

You just need to un-check the CPU option in the rendering settings.

Then it back to rendering only by GPU. ( and now it 5 times faster than before here)

I think it’s quite confusion to users when check both means “using both cpu and gpu” however it turns to only render CPU, the priority is strange.

hello Shruru
yes this is a bit confusing. For the Render Default you can save it in Blender as Template scene