HELP! Car material, lighting, and Mesh not reciving texture

OK, I’ve been modeling a laptop for a company, they paint their laptops with carpaint, same exact thing. The problem arises with the material, they have metal flake in the paint, and I cannot seem to duplicate this effect in blender. Any suggestions?

Next, how to get those cool reflections, yet have it on a white surface/background? Mainly I’m looking for the white reflected highlights.

next, and this one has me 100% confused, when I try to render off the Brush metal and carbon fiber versions, the texture is only applied to the top half of the mesh, not the sides or lower half. The texture is mapped as a cube, however I have also tried plane and sphere mapping, I have checked teh sizeX, Y, Z, and they are all sized correctly. The object is only one mesh, so this has me very very confused. It would seem if it shows up on one place, it would on all of them…
so, Again, any ideas?

All help is GREATLY appreciated, this literally needed to be done yesterday, and it’s not due to these things.


sonix has a thread here with car materials already set up. Just APPEND them to your model, change the colours and render. A quick search shows it here:

As for the flaked metal in the car paint, maybe try using the NOISE procedural texture set to SPEC only?

As for the white highlights reflected on the shader, there is an old trick of placing a large plane above your scene set to white colour and a fairly high EMIT value. Try this, or adding a few of them into the scene.


Thanks BgDM…

Any ideas as for the single mesh, only part rendering trextures one? Has me thouroghly confused…