Help! Checkered Pixelization

I’m experiencing a weird sort of glitch with a material I’m currently using. For some reason, odd pixelization is appearing on select surfaces. Notice the checkered pattern on the leftmost leaf pattern in the foreground. Also, there is faint noise on some (but not all) of the inner surfaces of the leaves and the key. (Click for a larger image.)

I created the material using the YafRay instructions found in this tutorial.

Weirdly, the armature for those surfaces is exactly the same as other surfaces that are working fine. (I created them by duplicating and rotating.) I’ve tried replacing the problematic portions but similar distortions continue to occur.

Does anyone recognize this problem? Or is anyone willing to hazard a guess?

The one in the left-foreground has double faces along the top of the edge facing the camera, shown by the darker purple color of the faces. W >> Remove Doubles in Edit mode with all verts selected. Can’t really see it on the others but I’ll guess it’s the same. Also, you have internal faces at the points giving you that indentation, but maybe you want that effect. From the wireframe it seems though, that you have others half-way up the curvature. Either that or two or more ring-loops are very close to one another.


Good eye.

Fixed the problem.

Thanks, again!