help compiling "sound analyse" for python 2.6

I’m trying to use the python libraries in this thread:
by Blendenzo.

Sadly the libraries he put together are for python 2.5.

I’m using python 2.6, and I’m getting compatibility errors trying to use the libraries.
I’ve managed to get 2.6 versions of Two of the LIBs, but the third (sound analyze)
is not available as a windows installer. I’ve mucked around all day trying to find out how to install the library. I tried running python and typing

python install

as it says in the distutils documentation~ but it says that it is invalid syntax.

Can anyone help me?
I really want to make an interactive exhibit for an art show~ so I need the microphone input… :frowning:

Oh, I’m using windows Vista BTW. ~ That’s why I’m having trouble compiling the libraries I think.

I think I found the problem.
Anyway, moral of the story: Windows sucks.