HELP! Concierge render farm problems

Hi, I’ve just signed up here and to concierge render farm.
I’ve been trying all morning to render a 4k image of a environment scene i finished recently.
Now comes the problems, I packed everything in my .blend file, uploaded it to concierge website and choose the maximun gpu setting and launched the render.
It keeps giving me an error telling to select a higher performance option to render with…
has anone ever had the same issue? if so how you solved it? I’ve alredy asked for support to the concierge team but I haven’t heard nothing from them yet.
Thanks in advance and keep blending :wink:

Hi Gabriele,

I encourage you to try GarageFarm.NET. Our plugin collects all project assets automatically, so you do not have to worry about it. We support both external and packed assets into the blend file.
It is a hassle-free process you submit the scene directly from Blender, and there is no need for any further configuration. We also offer a 33% discount for all Blender jobs (applied automatically).

You get free $25 (or even $50 credits if you register with a coupon code) to test our service.