Help creating a blurry Earth atmosphere.

(javelin) #1

I,m trying to create a photo realistic Earth but I can’t get an atmosphere
that fades out around the edges. Any suggestions?

(S68) #2

Lot of peoples did that, and we had plenty of discussion. Have a search in the Artwork forums (finished and WIP) to track the discussion.

Personally I place a SINGLE vertex object in the center of the earth, then assign to it a halo material with pretty low hardness and a size slightly larger than that of the earth itself.

Quite hight alpha too.

This way the halo goes out of the earth and, since hardness is low the fading occurs next to the edge of the halo itself.

It will take a while to master.

Other techniques you can find searching.


(javelin) #3

Thanks, great idea I’ll give it a try.

(gryphon) #4

You could also give the Halo a ‘cloudy’ texture so that it either stood in for a cloud layer, or worked with another cloud layer to further the look of true 3d clouds.