HELP: Creating a cube by planes

I designed/modeled a special plane. now i want to make a cube with that. I mean a cube whose sides will be made of those planes…How to do it?

doesn’t extruding the plane into a cube work? i guess just duplicate the plane and position the planes to make the walls of the cube then parent them all together

Hmm if I extrude the only one side will be designed right?
and joining them by side by side is tricky…there is no guarantee the edges will join correctly…:spin:

don’t know, try it :smiley:

use vertex snapping to align the planes

can you show pics so we can understand what your doing ?


I think they have created a plane with a shape modeled on the face of it and want to duplicate that face to be all six faces of the cube.

possible - create particle system for regular cube, use the special plane as the object drawn, emit from faces and limit to emit only the number of faces.

probably easier to just use cursor snapping to each face of your cube.

There’s probably a quicker and easier way, but meanwhile try this :

You have your plane

Select 1 edge of your plane :

Press SHIFT + S then select in the popup “Cursor to Selection”, it will bring the 3D cursor on that edge

Change the Pivot from the default “Median Point” to “3D Cursor”

Change the view so you’re seeing the side view like this :

Select the whole plane, press SHIFT+D to duplicate it, then press R (to rotate) then type -90 (so it rotate -90 degree) :

Click on Mesh -> Mirror -> then select the mirror axis that correspond to the orientation you have, in my screenshot case it the Global X axis

You’ll obtain :

Press CTRL+N to recalculare the normals (as mirroring usuall invert the normals)

Do that for each side so in the end you obtain a cube

Note : do not press W -> Remove Double before you’re finished, so you can easily select a plane by moving your mouse over it and press L to select it without difficulties.
But in the end, be sure to do a W -> Remove Double as none of the side of the cubes are currently merged.
And CTRL+N to recalculate the normals too.

You can do that easier and faster by setting the pivot point to the centre of the object, then rotate the duplicated faces around that.

duplifaces would also do the trick. you could probably do it with the spin-dup tool as well.

assuming your face is visible in front view:
In edit mode, top view, move your plane in the x axis exactly half teh dimension it is. So if its 2 blender units wide, move it 1 blender unit. Now HIT SHIFT+S and place teh cursor at selected. Then hit shift+d then esc. Now rotate on the z axis 90 degrees. Just go r then z then 90…Do this 2 more times…
Then do shift d again, then rotate that face 90 degrees in the Y axis,(or x axis depending on orientation) Then duplicate that face and rotate on the same axis 180 degrees.
After your done, hit W then remove doubles. Voila, cube…

Heyy this was an nice idea…just one problem…after making two sides, when I select all, it selects both the sides together…see in the attached images…


you can easily select a plane by moving your mouse over it and press L to select it without difficulties.

-as long as you do not have merged the 2 planes together by a W -> Remove Doubles

Thanks a lot guys, finally solved it :slight_smile: