Help Creating Obscure Object

(robproctor83) #1

Hi, I am having a hard time figuring out how create this shape, I’m trying to model a camera similar to the one that is in this image, I have circled the general shape that I am referring to on it. Please, any suggestions on how you would make this shape I would appreciate…


I originally thought I would have just a sphere with a deformed cylinder, and while that worked okay it didn’t look right. I figured the problem was that I needed to actually separate that chunk from the sphere so I could accentuate the edges between the two and create some depth of separation.

I figured I would do this with bools, but I am having a hard time getting the edges smoothed out. Around the circular areas where the bool took place smoothing is perfect, but then around some of the vertex poles I get bad distortions. I feel like I could fix some of these by continually tweaking the mesh and such but some of those bad areas never get quite smoothed out right no matter how much tweaking I do. Here are a series of images depicting my bool.

(Speedthriller) #2

Your links are not working.

(Zenitor) #3

try this fantastic addon, not sure if slice is working so might have to duplicate objects and do twice, but defineitly works when applied individually