Help creating this pattern

Hi I was just wondering if anyone can help me make a pattern like this one:

I want to make this pattern over a cylinder model I making design like a grip handle. Thanks :wink:

For Cycles (that I used) or for BI, the answer is simple: Bump map. I made a quickie.

The bump map I made, only to point your in the right direction. I repeat: This is just a quickie.

Or else, if your scene isn’t too heavy already, a Displace modifier gives really nice results…

Much better! :smiley:

(And this thread should be in Materials…)

That’s pretty neat Kaluura.

Thanks. I like very much this second picture… It looks like a photograph from something found in a hardware store. :smiley:

also, you can do it manually quite easily, assuming your topology is of completely even quads. I think I have an RGB normals map of such as well, which I made from a modified grid…I’ll see if I can find it among my attachments…

This thread was very usefull for me as well! so thanks for sharing this :smiley:

Thanks for the replies. I actually managed to create a similar pattern by extruding individual faces on my model although they are square and not diamond shaped like the picture posted by Modron.

if you then collapsed each outer face into a single vertex, you would have the same thing as my initial grid. another way to do it, assuming you only need it to be flat would be to make a single pyramid, and use two array modifiers on it to make it into a grid.