help curve animation

hi, I found this code snippet.
Before running the code,
Add a Bezier Curve.
Copy the script into the Text Editor.
Press Alt/P to run the script.

import Blender 
from Blender import Object 
from math import pi 
for n in range(1,division): 

Well if you think that’s cool.
With the original curve selected,
in edit mode, select 1 bezier handle or both, rotate, scale…
WOW, that’s cool!
But I have no Idea how to animate this.:frowning:
As in, obviously if you got this to work,
set the keys for the edited curve so the linked objects dance.:smiley:

Select the curve, go to edit mode, select a control point, and add a Hook for it: Ctrl-H “Add, New Empty”. Repeat for each control point. Now you can go to object mode and change the curve via hooks. And these hooks now have an ability for keyframing like usual objects.

Thanks for the code, they are very nice!

hi SnifiX,
thanks for the reminder!
too much excitement I think…I did know that but forgot…

Thanks for the code, they are very nice!

Yes, it is quite handy. I don’t know who originally wrote it, but yeah, it works very nice for this.