Help! (Design student seeking honest comments/critique)

Hey guys, I’m Ryan (17 and in High-school). I have a passion for design, and as I am by no means professional, I was hoping to get some honest critique and feedback on my work:) I’ve stared off with Graphic Design, but I’ve recently delved into 3D Art and Photography.

Would be nice if some of you guys could help me out. I’ve set up a simple site here with my work on it:) I’m not a web guy so my site-creation skills are…absent, to say the least.

your work looks ok. I would say keep doing what you like and sharpen those skills.

looking good. like all of us, you need to spend time doing things you haven’t done before, but also improving skills that you have learnt. All it takes is time.

just took a deeper look into your site, you’re good! keep going!

The Site, Graphics and Photography all look very professional and polished, nice work!
The 3D work is good but could be improved, basically I think it shows that you are new and all you need is more practice, my only suggestion is to keep it up and focus on the details in your 3D work. I noticed a lot of the 3D was blurred, dark, or had areas that could have more detail so thats what I would work on if I were you.

Anyways great work! you have great potential.

I definitely agree with the need for more details, I have the tendency to try to hide the lack of them with blacks and blurs on Photoshop. I’ll work at it :slight_smile: I’ve seem to hit some dead-ends in terms of finding tutorials online etc, so I guess I’ll just have to practice more on my own, like you said.
Thanks again.

Very nice concept for you portfolio. I really like the style you use for your typography! The pictures on the index could be viewed in full size when clicked though, but I guess you will add that.

Keep up the good work!

The term for it is, “student murk.” That’s the tendency to try to hide some glitch in a fog of soft-focus.

And, believe it or not, it’s sometimes okay to just let the less-than-perfect thing be there. After all, Star Wars Episode One shipped to theaters where one brief cut-away crowd scene in the podracer sequence was … colored Q-tips in a cardboard box. No one noticed until a “Making Of” book pointed it out.

You are starting down a path, which, I hope, will engage you (and feed you) for many years to come. You don’t need to apologize for where you are along that path. Nor should you remain too long content with it. Learn to give yourself honest critique … bearing in mind that “critique” is not a negative thing.

Also remember that every creative work is an act of compromise. “You could work on it forever, except for the fact that you can’t.”

/Elwebbaro: Thanks very much! Yes I’ll work on the site, as of now it’s just a wordpress template, but i’m hoping to learn how to make myself a proper site when I’ve got more time on my hands :slight_smile:

/sundialsvc4: haha very cool with the starwars, I have to go check that out :slight_smile: Anyways, I’ll keep what you said in mind on my future work! Thanks for taking the time.