HELP... ENV maps

(ChooDaddy) #1

Here’s my current project… I can’t seem to get a good environment map on the window and computer screen. Any suggestions?


(valarking) #2

ya, i have a suggestion, post in the questions and answers board.

(ChooDaddy) #3

Thanks 4 the help “GURU”

(Timothy) #4

He is right though,

questions are supposed to be answered in the Q&A forum,

Therefor I’ve moved this topic to that forum

(ChooDaddy) #5

My apologies. I thought since I was “posting my work” 2 be looked at and commented on, it should go there. Thanx 4 moving it though. Maybe Valarking can visit it here and give some “helpful” criticizm. :smiley:

(theeth) #6

Are you placing the Empty for the env map correctly?

It need to be in the exact mirrored position as the camera. The position mirrored on the plane you want to reflect, of course.

There’s a script to do that, made by Jean-Marie Soler I think.


(ChooDaddy) #7

The env map always seem to be spherical on the glass though. I can’t get it to reflect flat.

(valarking) #8

the empty’s placement can be the tricky part. find multiple tuts on it and see what they say.

(rwenzlaff) #9

In a nutshell:

Find the vector from the camera to the surface (hint: turn on “Limits” in camaera edit buttons if camera is looking towards the surf. Angles workout even if this isn’t the center of the object.).

The reflection will be the same angle the camera vector hits but on the other side of the surface normal. (ie if the camera vect hits at 20 degrees from the top of the normal, the refl, vector is 20 degrees from the bottom of the normal).
Think |/.

Extend the reflection vector on the opposite side the surface the same distance the camera is from the front of the surface. Place your empty there.

Repeat for the other axis. Dragging the empty form step 3. Give it a good name (Edit Buttons).

Use that Empty in the OB: field of the ENV Map.

If the object itself is in the way (probably), place it on it’s own layer (n) and press the DON’T RENDER LAYER (n) button.

This is why everyone suggested getting a tute. It’s not easy to describe.


(ChooDaddy) #10

Thanx 4 the help… I posted this 5 months ago and I finally get it. Thanx 4 the diagram. :smiley:

(rwenzlaff) #11

It happens sometimes. A thread gets posted to the wrong place, by the time it’s moved it has 4 replies, and everyone assumes it’s answered…

I typically only look for questions with 1-2 replies.

Speak up. We’re usually not very rude, but sometimes hard of hearing.