Help! :) Export of OBJ into Maya

Hey, hope someone can help with this…

We’re trying to export Blender-models as .obj’s, send them across country to be put into Maya.
But very strange stuff happens…because of my lack of experience, no doubt!

The basic model transfers BUT…as a SINGLE object (where it is not here, on this end), and therefore impractical for texturing over there.

Does anyone know what export-settings we should use for this kind of basic (but object accurate) transfer?

Start up a new blend file and append one object into
that new blend file and then export.
Delete that object in blender and append
the next one and export again.
Keep doing that until you have all the objects
as seperate .obj files.
Then you will be able to import and texture
them in Maya.

Thanks, but is that really the only answer? A different extension perhaps or something?

What are you exporting and how many objects are there?

It a traffic post, for example - about 12 objects make up the whole.
It’s not textured, just the basic mesh-objects

I also tried exporting to dfx, which they did received better, but the object-groups are blown apart like a bomb scattered them.

Did you try the .3ds export?
Can Maya Import 3ds files?

I don’t know, good question…

Blenders built-in .obj exporter has 3 different choices for grouping, Objects, Object Groups, and Material Groups. It sounds like you would want to choose the last option, Material Groups. This will save into the .obj a different object for each part of the mesh that has a different material assigned.