Help face

Im somewhat new to blender and im attempting to create a person without a tutorial. You guys will probably need an image to observe with but i havent learned how to paste the image on here.

There are many problems with the face so far but there is one thing that im concerned about that i need help with. As i extrude up past the nose i relized the shape of the nose is still visable. The cheek and the nose verticies are not ligned up similar. I attempted to line them up but it still has the indent of the nose, can someone please tell me how to combine the shapes of the cheek and nose?

Okay, first things first.

When typing out a post, if you scroll down a bit you’ll see a button marked “Manage Attachments”. If you don’t, then you need to goto advanced editing mode.

You can either dump the whole blender window, or just a single subwindow. The options are both in the File menu. Of course, you could always just press PrtScrn then paste the image into ms paint or photoshop etc.

If the cheeks and the nose are seperate objects, select one, then shift-select the other & hit Ctrl-J. This makes them both part of the same object, ready to join the vertices at the seam together.

If the verts lie ontop of each other, or very close you can use the ‘Remove Doubles’ button along with a ‘Limit’ value.(found in MeshTools when object is in edit mode) Otherwise, you can just select each pair to be joined and hit Alt-M to merge them together. You can merge em at the center point between them, at the first one you picked, at the last one picked, or at the current 3d-cursor position. (not really too sure of the difference between collapse and center:confused:)


Why? The whole idea behind tutorials is for people new to blender to learn how to model the things they want to model. Modeling a face? Use the Adrianna tutorial (scroll all the way down), and learn how to model a face. Once you have learned how to model a face, then model the face you want to model. You don’t get extra points for reinventing the wheel.

Cheers Orinoco - I’ve been at it with a face using the basic extrude from a cube model for about 6 months with no joy. Finally I took some time to learn using the tutorials - it is hard, but you only need to learn it once and then next thing you know - the basic vertices you learn in the first few stages will help with other projects too. I would advise others to use this format too.

I got picture i think