help fixing resolution on a texture.

yooo i just need some help real quick about this really low resolutuion problem im having with this sand texture, at first i just applied one texture through the texture tab and i got a really high resolution but then i realised i could only use one texture at a time when i do that so i got a couple of textures and painted them with blenders “texture paint” tool but then i get this really low resolution texture is there a way i can fix this?

What do you mean you can use only one texture at a time ?

here is what i was trying to do

btw i really like your youtube videos!

i guess it didnt post my first reply lol my bad, but what i meant was i was trying to use more than one texture to paint the level i was making, but i dont get as good of a resolution as when i just apply a texture to the level, how do i fix the streched and pixely look of my texture when i use paint?

I’M having this problem too!:ba:

figured it out bro just export your level uv then import it to gimp or photoshop then add the textures there

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