Help for rigging

Hi. I’m just a modeler/texturer and completely unable into other fields of game production (each one its own abilities: I don’t believe in “one band men”). I modeled a character which is made up by a body and several cloths laid upon it, each with their unique UVs and several materials (capping to just one set of textures). I’d liked to have the character imported in Unity to have it playing around instead of the default robot featured into the 3d person template. Can someone quick rig it for me? I posted in the paid section 'cause I know that time’s money (rarely people gets noticed when “pretending” to get free help…), albeit I guess that the work would be a breeze for whom who love rigging. So, I expect eventually reasonable charges (also 'cause I may have surely need of you for next rigging…). In alternative, I can repay free rigging with free modeling/texturing. TY.

Sure I could help you out with that. could you share your File or OBJswith me?

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