Help from you car guys!!

(BgDM) #1

OK, since everyone is modeling a car, (rixtr66, imgranpaboy, YAY, etc…), I figured I would join the fray!! (God i gotta stop starting too many things!!! Will never get them all done :wink: )

I have started on a Jaguer XJR 9LM GT car that won the LeMans 24 hours in 1988. Here is the start of the model:

I know there are a few things that need to be tweaked as it sits right now. I would like some feedback before I get too far into this and maybe some suggestions on how to model some of the door edges/seams to make them look more rela. I do not want to have to resort to a bump map to get the desired look.

Thanks for any and all your input.


(blengine) #2

looking great! perfect so far ill say… hmm, tips on door edges, hmm…sharp! the one thing i hated with my old cars is that my edges were too round and made them look bubbly… if u extrude an edge, dont move it, and then press enter, then extrude again and move it in, youll have a sharp edge when subsurfed =)
good luck on finishing it

(BgDM) #3

Yeah, sharp! I kinda figured that. I know about making the edges sharp with subsurf, it’s just that the seams in race cars are so tight, it might be hard to pull off. I’ll give it a shot though.

Thanks for the comment Chris!


P.S.: your Viper is lookin great!

(BgDM) #4

Jus so you guys know, here is an image of the actual car for reference.:


(YAYA) #5

Grrrreat! it seems that you’re taking care of what you do!!
this is much than well-engaged, keep up the good work and don’t go too fast!

Hurry, show us more!

(S68) #6

Hoho :slight_smile:

Good, I would like to model a car too, but haven’t found blueprints of the model I want to model yet :frowning: