Help! How can I make an object transparent without raytracin

I’m using Blender 2.37a. And If I take any old object and set its alpha to lets say 0.5 and then render, any objects behind it or inside of it, are not shown.

How is that possible? It seems like the blender internal scanline renderer is all of a sudden ignoring the transparency.

By the way, Im not using raytracing, Im just talking about using the usual transparency. I want to try and stay away from raytracing as much as possible due to render times.

The thing I dont understand is, it used to work fine before, but now it doesnt. Any ideas?

Nevermind. I found it. I had forgotten to activate the “Ztransp” button in the Mirror/Raytransp properties tab.

Whoops! Never mind, happens to us all!