Help - How do I make crinkly paper in blender?

Hey guys and girls,

Hope sombody can help me out with this one. Im trying to make a crinkly silkpaper that comes out of a gift-box.
It´s a model for my design portfolio and I want to add a little something more to it than just having a box.
The problem is that im not able to make it look realistic at all, I´ve tried the cloth sim but this gives to much cloth feel to it and very little paper… Im sort of looking for a more thin and paper feeling. This is my first post so forgive me if I posted it in the wrong place :slight_smile:

Anyway I really hope some one can help me.
It look´s like I can´t add my blend file for some reason.
But I added a render of the box and an example of a box with paper that I think represent more of what im looking for.

Chris :eyebrowlift:


I think the interior might be suited to a Displacement map with a lot (6+) of subdivisions. It looks like you may already have one, but it’s a bit smooth,

About the smooth edges on the rim: I’d go into sculpt mode and use the Grab brush to sharpen them up. You might need apply the subsurface and the displacement before you’re able to do that.

For not having the cloth sim look too smooth you could also use a faily low poly mesh (not too many subdivs) with smooth shading+edgesplit modifier

maybe you can get some ideas from this tutorial I found on crumpled paper

Im not to familiar with the displacement modifier, do you have any pointers to how it works? :slight_smile:

Im not to familiar with the displacement modifier, do you guys have some tips on how I can get it working.
and how I can tweek it to this purpose. Ill try the low poly mesh and edge split now :slight_smile:

Here is where you can find what you need about the displacement modifier:
First, add a Subdivision Surface modifier (unless you already have one) and up the number of subdivisions to about 6.

Second, add a Displacement Modifier. (Make sure that the Subsurface modifier is on “Top” of the modifiers list, and the Displacement is below it)

Third, in the displacement modifier, next to texture, create a new texture. Use a crinkled paper image as the texture.

Fourth, turn down the Strength to something lower, like .1

Below is a rough example I did in the space of about a minute. It’s not very good, but hopefully it at least shows how the modifier works.