Help: How to embed a logo on a grid surface?

I’m practicing to model a speaker, but I’m stuck how to make my logo have “holes” like the speaker shield. Is there any way to make it happen in Blender?

I attach my image to help you understand what I’m talking. Thanks in advance for any help!

This is the model I want to make

I am stuck how to make the speaker shield’s holes “embedded” onto my logo…

HI, you need to mix the logo with the metal texture.

Hi, you mean that I will use nodes to mix both of them right? I’m newbie so I’m grateful if you can show me how to mix them :smiley:. Btw, I’ve found a tutorial on Youtube that I think can solve my problem Is it an alternative solution for my case?

Thank you for your help!

will make example for you soon.

Like this:

from left to right: texture coordinate,mapping,image texture,principle BSF,
material output.

wow, I made it :smiley: Thank you so much for your help!

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