HELP! I made a mistake when sculpting and when trying to fix it, it lead to a bigger problem.

Hello! (Pictures included to help get my point across :slight_smile: )

I was sculpting this character that I’ve been working on and I made a classic blunder. When I was sculpting the ear i accidentally forgot to turn the symmetry on. Because it was almost finished and I hated sculpting ears, I decided to try to work around it

I used the Boolean Modifier to cut the sculpt in half and then mirrored it. Everything seemed fine until I realized that because of this, there was now a face/mesh in the middle inside of the sculpt (this). Now whenever i sculpt this happens.

I tried manually deleting the mesh inside using edit mode but because of the bad topology from ‘dynamic topology’, its nearly impossible.

I really need help! I want to finish this sculpt.

Here’s the blender file: blender file

Thanks a lot guys!

go to edit mode, select the ear you sculpted, ( all the vertices,) copy it, scale x -1 , with pivot to 3d cursor and place the ear at the oposite side… then go back to sculpting, use dynamic sculpting and problem solved.