Help! i need to light this scene

So i am working on this model and i have no good way to present it
Here is what i have so far

Help would be much appreciated


Hi there! This doesn’t look too unsolvable, but you got a few problems here. Firstly i would suggest that you use some more complex materials, this is one reason the lighting looks a bit flat. Your plastic bits ob the lightsaber are too dark :slight_smile: Increase the value to from what looks to me like 0.000 to lets say 0.050 or 0.100. The materials really don’t support the good modeling- effort. Also try using a fresnel- node for the mix- factor of your diffuse and glossy shaders. The biggest reason your lightsaber doesnt stand out in this image however is that the background and the foreground have approximately the same brightness. You could for example make the backdrop a lot darker and increase the lamp size. To really seperate the two, you could try adding a backlight. I would also recommend making the backdrop a bit smaller the scene looks quite big compared to the small lightsaber. Now to the actual lightsource related stuff: Topdown lighting isn’t such a bad idea in scenes like that and i quite like the overall feel, so that should be ok. however i would increase the length of the lamp so that the highlight stretches across the full length of the lightsaber- handle. Maybe use a sky texture for the world background, to make the gradients a bit more interesting and when you are done with that you can still be creative play around and place some more lights maybe it will look cool who knows :wink: Happy blending!


well thanks
i shall upload a picture in a while