Help I wanna make a movie

I am in the proces of telling a story about a guy, born in Mississippi, where he escapes from the clan, flees to new york, only to find that the clan followed him there. To make matters worse he falls in love with the daughter of the head of the clan, when he finds out, he tryes to kill the guy, but ends up killing his daughter instead. As a result the guy flees to the himalayas, and that is where we leave the story, untill we pick it up again on the next album. It is a project where we are telling a story with music, at present we need a total of ten songs. Now here is why I’m posting this in a 3D forum, I would like to make a musicvideo that lasts all the way through the ten songs, so it is probably going to have to be about 20-30 minutes long.
If there is anyone out there who would like to lend a big hand I would like to hear from you.
At present I am not able to pay for the work, but maybe in time, there can be talk of royalties, or money from t-shirt sales, when we work out exactly how to make money of this thing : )
You can hear some of the music, plus sample a little bit of artwork at

You can contact here on blender or email me at [email protected] please label your email: hoopflint, just so I know it is’nt spam.

Hope to hear from you.