Help: I'm Struggling with sculpting and hair particles

Hey guys, how do make my sculpting better? I’m struggling with head sculpting, i’ve watched a lot of yansculpts and follygon and flipped normals for sculpting and nazar noschenko for hair, and it’s already been a year, although i only sculpted maybe less than 50 becuase i don’t have enough time but mostly fails, and this is all i’ve got, but it still looks ugly.

how do i make my eyelids look smoother instead of jagged? and how do i make the hair look better?

Hi peterblender ! :hugs:
For the eyes you can make a “ShadeSmooth” or try the “Subdivision Surface” in the modifiers :grin:
But for the hair I can’t help you because I’ve never did some before :sweat:

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the eyes are actually basic spheres. :slight_smile: i didn’t sculpt it.

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yes but it can work even if they are basic spheres.