Help in creating 3D Indian temple pillar designs


I am planning to design a 3D Indian temple pillar similar to the one’s attached. As one can see the designs, they are like floral designs. How to approach for such designs in 3D. Any leads, tutorials, suggestions etc., would be of great help.

Watch these four videos (don’t worry, they’re very short), they’ll tell you everything you need to know.
Then you’ll want to find some image textures to use as references for your brushes, or even use directly as brushes. Searching for “Corinthian column” will help. For example:
That link has a bunch of flat 2D designs you can easily convert to an alpha texture


Thanks a lot. Will check them out.

I am personally a big fan of of this artist but when I model these types of objects I use all the tools available: basic polygonal modeling, sculpting, height maps.


Thanks a lot for sharing. Let me checkout.